Stole its recipes

A Chicago popcorn business’ owner has sued a former employee, accusing her of murdering tens of thousands of files containing data about its key recipes.

Garrett Popcorn Shops filed the federal suit Monday against Aisha Putnam, one of 3 individuals the business says knows the recipes to get its popcorn. The title of the firm, whose, says that when Putnam was terminated, she took a drive where she had copied more than 5,400 documents prior to her termination.

The lawsuit says Putnam was director of development and research for approximately four decades. It states the launch of Garrett’s key recipes, recipes and other trade secrets”would be severely harmful” to the business and”cause irreparable injury.”

The lawyer, Uche Asonye of putnam, claims his client has deleted or returned the documents in question and didn’t disperse any one of the trade secrets of Garrett.