Denver could Create history with vote ‘magic mushrooms’

Voters on Tuesday were determining whether to make Denver the primary U.S. city to decriminalize psilocybin — the carcinogenic chemical in”magic mushrooms” — and include a new chapter into this town’s role in forming broader medication policy.

The tack taken by marijuana activists to decriminalize marijuana possession in 2005 was followed by A citizen initiative on the ballot. Legalization in 2012 followed that movement. A number of states then widely allowed marijuana usage and earnings .

Psilocybin decriminalization campaign organizers have stated their only goal is to keep people for owning or using the medication to cope with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress and other ailments.

The initiative could effectively decriminalize ownership or use of psilocybin by individuals 21 and older, making it the lowest enforcement priority for both police and prosecutors. The measure allow its purchase or does not legalize psilocybin.

Director of this Decriminalize Denver campaign, kevin Matthews, said psilocybin has helped him to cope with depression for ages.

“This isn’t something you need to have every day,” that the 33-year-old Denver native stated. “It provides a great deal of lasting advantages, weeks and months following one experience.”

Psilocybin has been outlawed from the U.S. since the 1960s, and some researchers warn that it must just be used under medical supervision and may prompt paranoia and anxiety.

The federal government classifies psilocybin as a Schedule I drugs, with no purpose and a high potential for abuse.

For years, research has been stymied by that standing however closely supervised studies lately have found it can help treat depression and anxiety in cancer patients. Consumers have described experiencing feelings and powerful connections, and also seeing vibrant colours and geometric patterns.

Magic mushrooms have been used in religious practices for decades due to their influence on religious encounters and perceptions. Recreational users have been appealed to by The same effects.

A California effort to decriminalize psilocybin failed to make up for the statewide ballot at 2018. Organizers in Oregon are trying to gather enough support to place an initiative to a vote next year.

It took the pro-psilocybin organizers at Denver three tries to develop language accepted by city officials for the ballot. Over 8,000 signatures gathered to be eligible for the election of Tuesday.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock opposes the initiative along with District Attorney Beth McCann, however there has been no campaign against decriminalization.

The town’s election has mostly centered on a six-way race for mayor plus a heated effort to terminate Denver’s”urban camping” ban which affects people without housing and has pitted activists against well-financed company and development groups.

Supporters of the psilocybin initiative have completed door-to-door canvassing and leafletted before Colorado Rockies’ games and out Coors Field at community events.

The ordinance would stop city funds from being used make a panel to study the impacts of the shift and to pursue criminal penalties.

“Nobody should be punished for this material,” Matthews said. “One arrest is too many. No individual deserves this sort of treatment for a material this secure.”