Zymergen (NASDAQ:ZY) Now Covered by Bank of America

Research analysts at Bank of America started coverage on shares of Zymergen (NASDAQ:ZY) in a note issued to investors on Monday, Briefing.com reports. The brokerage set a “buy” rating and a $43.00 price target on the stock. Bank of America‘s price target indicates a potential upside of 34.71% from the company’s current price.

ZY has been the topic of several other research reports. JPMorgan Chase & Co. started coverage on Zymergen in a research report on Monday. They issued an “overweight” rating and a $40.00 price objective on the stock. The Goldman Sachs Group initiated coverage on Zymergen in a report on Monday. They set a “buy” rating and a $55.00 target price for the company.

Shares of ZY opened at $31.92 on Monday. Zymergen has a fifty-two week low of $25.75 and a fifty-two week high of $52.00.

About Zymergen

Zymergen Inc designs, engineers, and optimizes microbes for industrial applications in United States, Asia, and Europe. The company has a platform that treats the genome as a search space, to identify genetic changes that improve the economics for its customers' bio-based products for a range of industries, including chemicals and materials, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals.

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