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Maddie Sorensen

For the past 12 years, Maddie works as a financial analyst for her own firm and provides insight into the current movement of the stock market. Maddie also has a bi-monthly radio show, offering financial guidance to everyday consumers, as well as investors.

In her downtown, Maddie enjoys community volunteer work, spending time with her husband of 18 years, and doing quality things with the couple’s three children to include sporting events, camping, and weekend road trips.

Maddie has always had an interest in finances but growing up in a small town of just 200 people, she begin to realize she would not be able to establish a flourishing career unless she moved to a larger city. She moved to New York where she earned a Master’s degree in finance, followed by starting her own business.

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Doug Madison

Although Doug is a prolific writer specific to areas of finance, he also contributes to high-profile publications in other genres to include technology and breaking news. As a gifted writer, Doug has the ability to take complex subject matters and make them understandable to a general audience.

Outside of work, most of Doug’s time is spent enjoying outdoor activities, especially water and snow skiing, hiking, kayaking, and fishing, which usually involves the companionship of his beloved German shepherd.

Doug has a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and a Master’s degree in finance earned from a California university. This combination gives him tremendous knowledge required by his type of work. Today, Doug works full time for a major financial investing firm as a top analyst.

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Faye Duncan

Faye uses her more than 20 years of experience as an investor but also financial analyst to create accurate and up-to-date reporting for a reputable firm. Her analysis reports reach a broad audience and appreciated for their no-nonsense type approach. Faye also does guest spots on local radio and television shows.

As a single woman, Faye enjoys traveling whenever time permits. Born in a small community, she has a genuine love for the simpler things in life but also finds the daily hustle of New York intriguing.

For the past 15 years, Faye and her pet cat have lived in New York City, which offers a direct link to other key analysts and easy access to critical information. Although she currently holds a Master’s degree in finance, she has plans to continue her education sometime in the near future.

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Thomas Dobrow

Born in Russia, Thomas was raised in a household where food and other necessities of life were often hard to come by. Determined to escape the environment but also make a better life for him and his family, he took every opportunity to learn about finances. With a lot of hard work and determination, the door for him to come to the United States opened.

Thomas was able to secure several scholarships, making it possible for him to follow his dream of having a career in the field of finance. After earning his Bachelor’s degree, he went to work for an investment firm where he learned the trade. After five years, he returned to school for a Master’s degree and shortly after, opened his own business.

Thomas’ natural writing ability along with his experience and education pertaining to finance brought his dream to fruition. When not at the office, Thomas and his wife of 11 years enjoy quiet evenings at home or small outings with close friends. However, with a baby due in the next six months, they know life will forever change…for the better.

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Oscar Bower

Oscar is a veteran writer with strong knowledge and interest in finance. He possesses a unique ability to take ordinary stories and turn them into extraordinary publications, which is why he has built a dedicated following.

Oscar’s in-depth understanding of various segments of finance, as well as media reporting, earned him a spot as a top financial analyst for one of New York’s most prestigious firms. Oscar takes his work extremely serious, knowing that investors depend on the information he reports.

For over 30 years, Oscar Steven has enjoyed a successful writing career but he has a number of other passions, most that involve his wife and kids. Currently, the family lives outside the city where they spend time working on a small family garden during the weekends and just having fun.

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Samantha Reynolds

Currently, Samantha is a well-known correspondent for a large news affiliate and cohost of a weekly radio show who lends financial guidance and insight. She is also a talented writer, another avenue for providing the public with sound financial information.

Initially, Samantha had her sights set on becoming a doctor but when working on numbers she realized for her, finance was far more interesting. At that point, she decided to change educational direction, ultimately earning a BA in journalism and an MA in finance.

Samantha shares her love of numbers with her husband of eight years who is a CPA. For fun, the couple loves dining out, attending concerts, and enjoying live theater. However, they also spend ample time milling out town, looking for bargains on antiques to add to their collection.

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Adam Masters

Born in Kentucky on a horse farm, Adam was exposed to business and finance from a young age. He often helped his father in the horse-buying process, which involved both legal and financial aspects. Very quickly, he took over the business, handling all of the financial responsibilities. This passion ultimately led Adam to a top university where he first earned a Bachelor’s degree in finance, followed by a Master’s degree.

Adam still lives in Kentucky near the family farm although on a much-smaller property. During the weekends, Adam still lends a hand at home, both with the horses and the books but during the week, he is a highly respected journalist and financial advisor for an established firm.

Having years of experience behind him, Adam is able to pull the right data to provide investors and the general public with key information. With achieved success, he also provides summertime workshops for up-and-coming writers/financial advisors who have interest in the type of work he does.

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Matthew Steigler

Hailing from Miami, Florida, Matthew and his wife run a successful investment company. From a very small age, he has been interested in business as a whole but after starting college to earn a business degree, he discovered additional passion of writings and finance.

Matthew completed his business degree but continued on with his education, earning two more Bachelor’s degrees, one in writing and the other in finance. Well-equipped, he landed a role as a financial reporter for a local firm and after seven years, ventured out on his own to start his own business, one that has a solid reputation of excellence.

On the weekends, Matthew, his wife Charlotte, and the couple’s one child, are always on the go. They enjoy virtually everything from strolls in the park to boating to festivals, and everything in between. When at home, Matthew gives 100% attention to his family but when on the job, he hones in on business.

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